Commission on Our Ministries (COOM)

Develop the long term elements of the vision, mission, goals, and objectives and keep them visible and alive to the congregation. Download the 2010 COOM Leadership Presentation 2.5MB PDF

CHAIR: Ken Heller

Communications Committee

Promotes the growth and stability of the church by transmitting information to its members, friends, visitors, other churches and organizations. As an internal organization, its goal is to improve communications between the Board, Council, committees and the congregation. As an external goal, the committee works to increase Accotink's visibility within the community, with publicity and advertising in local media.

CHAIR: vacant

Denominational Affairs Committee

Represent Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church (AUUC) at Area, District and National Meetings. Communicate Area, District and Continental resources and programs to AUUC members. Provide training and experiences for AUUC members in activities of the larger Unitarian Universalist faith community.

CHAIR: JulieJohn Knott ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Endowment and Bequests Committee

Actively solicit gifts and bequests for the endowment fund and to monitor, manage, and recommend disbursements from the endowment fund.

CHAIR: Steve Brown

Finance Committee

Executes a wide variety of church financial responsibilities including depositing of pledge and other income, payment of all church expenses, employee tax reporting, and the preparation of monthly/annual financial reports. It also plays a significant role supporting the Budget Committee in the preparation of annual operating budgets.

CHAIR: Ed Cochrane

Fundraising Committee Monitor the entire fundraising effort of AUUC and to coordinate that effort while trying to ensure that it is sufficient for AUUC’s needs.
Green Sanctuary Committee

Helps to integrate environmental awareness and action into church life. Works on special projects to make our church more green.

CHAIR: Marsha White

House and Grounds Committee

The House and Grounds Committee is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the church building, the upkeep of all equipment, an inventory list, and caring for the property surrounding the structure.

Chair: Dick Robison

Human Resources Committee

Assists, provides advice, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on the development and application of sound principles, policies, and procedures for the management of the Church's human resources.

CONTACT: Ed Kringer

Leadership Developmet and Nominating Committee

We develop leaders for tomorrow and support the leaders of today! We sow the seeds of leadership by educating and encouraging congregants to get involved in church governance. We nurture them by offering training and resources.  Finally, we harvest the crop by recruiting and nominating people for elected positions. We strive to give everyone who wishes to serve as a leader all the resources they need to succeed because effective lay leadership is the backbone of this church.

CHAIR: Julie Schuck

Children's Spiritual Development Committee

Serve as the governing body for the children and youth religious education program. Our goal is to provide an educational and spiritual environment that serves the children and youth of the congregation.

CHAIR: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Adult Spiritual Development Committee

Serve as the governing body for adult religious education and spiritual development. Our goal is to provide an educational and spiritual environment that serves all adult members of the congregation.

CHAIR: Claire Brown
Membership Development Committee

Works on attracting people to AUUC; help people make the decision to sign the membership book; and integrates new members into activities and the AUUC community.

CONTACT: Judy Usherson

Music Committee

Helps develop all aspects of our musical program. From guest muscians, special programs and the choir.. they handle it all.

CONTACT: Hellen Fussel, Ellen Fisher

Ministry Reflection Council

Keep an open, healthy line of communication between the minister, the congregation and the resulting ministries of AUUC. It serves to identify and manage conflicts that surface within the church, bringing systemic issues to the Board, Council and/or COOM if further action is needed. It seeks to manage conflict in the spirit of Right Relationship, seeing conflict as an opportunity for clearer communication and deepening relationship.

CHAIR: Celeste Fritzson

Pledge Committee

Responsible for conducting the congregational canvass with the intention to raise funds sufficient to cover a major portion of the church’s fiscal operation budget.

CHAIR: Jim Girard

Rental Committee

Primary contact for all current and potential tenants, and it coordinates the services provided to tenants, the security training necessary for tenants, and the lease text and policies and procedures regarding tenants.

CHAIR: Oliver Easterwood

Social Justice Committee

Provide a forum for social justice issues and actions; to initiate, coordinate, and guide activities to put our UU faith values into action outside the church. Activities are targeted to our local Burke area, the metropolitan DC area, and the world. We are focused on social justice issues of congregational interest, particularly poverty and economic justice, environmental causes, affordable housing and homelessness, peace, anti-torture efforts, and interfaith collaboration.

CHAIR: Ed Kringer

Worship Committee

Oversee the worship life of the congregation and to plan Sunday services and other worship opportunities to fulfill the worship needs of the congregation.

CHAIR: Brenna Clanton