Accotink is a spiritual home to people of all ages, races, political persuasions and interests. We have a lively group of young families dedicated to helping one another grow religiously while finding community and support with one another. We have long-time members who share their rich life experiences and their knowledge of our faith. Together we worship, break bread, serve our community and just have fun. Our membership includes doctors, lawyers, teachers and nurses; mothers, fathers, young adults and grandparents; active military families, defense contractors, musicians and construction workers. We are gay, straight, single and partnered. But mostly, we are a group of honest folk striving to make meaning in this busy world while composing lives of service and depth.

We know every time we meet someone new we are blessed. Come offer us the gift of your presence and we promise to meet you where you are and see what we can learn from you. We look forward to meeting you!


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